Window Glass Replacement

Domestic Glass Replacement

Windows in a home come in many forms. They are constructed from various materials but mainly timber and aluminium. Our experienced glaziers can replace your broken glass in just about any type and style of frame. Old or new we will endeavour to find the appropriate solution applicable to your window glass replacement.


Timber Frame Window Glass Replacement

Clean Cut Glass can change your broken glass in any timber frame window. Whether it be a top or bottom panel double hung style window set in putty, fixed bottom panel window with timber dowels, or even a side hinged or wind out awning style window set in putty just to name a few. Our experienced glaziers have all the appropriate skills to get the job done right. High quality workmanship in relation to putty tooling is extremely important with most timber frame window glass replacements. If done properly, good putty tooling can enhance the overall appearance of your windows and keep the glass set in the frame firmly. Trust us to do the job right the first time and every time. 

Aluminium Frame Window Glass Replacement

Aluminium frame window glass replacements require somewhat of a different approach to timber frame window glass replacements. You will find the glass in timber frames is either held in with putty or timber dowels, whereas in aluminium frames rubber seals and silicone are primarily used. In the past, aluminium frame windows were glazed with 3mm float non safety glass around Victoria. As regulations have changed over the last 20 years or so glaziers have had to adjust. Instead of reinstalling 3mm thick glass, installation of 4mm thick glass for top panels over 0.85m2 is required. If the window is above 500mm from finished floor, more than 300mm away from a door or where a door can be mistaken and not in a bathroom, 4mm thick glass can be installed according to the building regulations outlined in the AS1288. Keeping you the customer in mind at all times, Clean Cut Glass uses only 4mm where applicable and no 3mm thick glass is carried by our glaziers.


This is a service and philosophy we keep to everyday to ensure you are that little bit safer after one of our glaziers has left your premises. 


Additionally for all bottom panel windows close to the floor which are not next to a door (or at least 300mm away from a door) and not in a bathroom, building codes in the AS1288 allow for 5mm thick glass to be installed up to 1.2m2. Clean Cut Glass once again goes that extra mile and installs 6.38mm laminated safety glass in all windows close to the floor, in every door and all windows next to and above all doors. You can trust us to install the right piece of glass in every application.


Where rubber seals can't be used because of thicker glass being required due to building regulations, we expertly apply silicone in its place to make sure your glass is permanently fixed to the frame and your aluminium window glass replacement will last for years to come.


We also replace the glass in aluminium awning windows. These windows are common now in newly built homes around Melbourne and Victoria. They usually come standard with 4mm toughened safety glass in them. In the event you require an aluminium awning window glass replacement we will replace your window with laminated safety glass to speed up the installation and job completion process. Our experienced glaziers can install 6.38mm clear laminated safety glass into almost any aluminium awning window.