Sound Proofing Glass

Clean Cut Glass can also help you in reducing unwanted outside noise. The most practical way we do this is by installing hush laminated glass which is specifically designed for this sole purpose. It comes in many thicknesses but 6.5mm is ideal since most existing home and shop window frames are able to accommodate this thickness glass. Double glazed units are the best option if you are building a new home, shop or office with new frames which are specifically designed for the installation of double glazed units. Double glazed units are usually not an option with existing window and door frames.



Benefits of Hush Laminates

Hush Laminated not only reduces outside noise but has additional benefits such as dramatically increasing the safety and security of your property.


The ultimate single glazed glass type on the market today is ComfortHush. It comprises of a 3 layer laminate including an acoustic interlayer specifically designed to dampen and absorb noise from outside. Not only does ComfortHush act as a sound barrier but it also has a Low E Coating that allows natural light to shine through without radiating heat thus helping with energy efficiency.


Feel free to contact us about Hush and ComfortHush laminated and one of our expert glaziers will be happy to discuss your options and ideas in relation to sound reduction.