Obscure Glass

In most cases speed is of the essence when your window or door glass breaks, especially when the glass broken is next to a front door entry or bathroom. 6.38mm white translucent laminated safety glass is the best option for a fast efficient obscure glass replacement which will allow us to secure and make your home, shop or office safe within hours.


If you require patterned obscure glass the glass will need to be measured and ordered. The turnaround time for toughened patterned safety glass is approximately 5 working days from the day we measure. On the rare occasion that building regulations will allow us to install non safety patterned glass the turnaround times will be a lot quicker.


If the patterned glass in your window or door cannot be sourced, 6.38mm white translucent laminated safety glass is the clear choice. It provides safety, security, privacy but also lets 50% of light through.


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