Door Glass Replacement

Sliding Door Glass Replacement

Has the glass sliding door in your home or business suddenly broken without cause or reason? This can mean one of a few things. Either your house has settled and the frames have put pressure on the glass edge or the glass has been measured a little tight within the frame and combined with temperature variations, the slight expanding and contracting of either the glass or frame can cause the glass to shatter. The type of glass susceptible to this occurrence is toughened glass.


When this happens you have two options. Since Grade A toughened safety glass needs to be manufactured to the exact specifications required for your door glass replacement the turnaround time from the measure to completion of the job is usually 5-7 working days. The door can be boarded up but will still be unsecured and this service will entail extra costs. The preferred option which we recommend highly is to reinstall Grade A laminated safety glass. There is a less than 3% visible light transmission between 4mm clear toughened and 6.38mm clear laminated.


The visible light reflection is the same for the two types of glass at 8%. The main difference between the two forms is toughened glass shatters and falls apart into small pieces when it breaks and laminated glass stays intact when broken due to the plastic interlayer within the glass. 6.38mm clear laminated safety glass is comprised of two pieces of 3mm float glass bonded together with a 0.38mm plastic interlayer in between and is the most popular type of laminated glass we use. With laminated glass your door glass replacement can be completed within hours of your call.


Whether you require an aluminium sliding door glass replacement or a timber sliding door glass replacement our professional glaziers have all the necessary glass types and tools along with the knowledge and expertise to get the job done quickly and seamlessly.

Bi-fold Door Glass Replacement

These types of doors can be found in homes or businesses and add that modern and contemporary feel to the surroundings. It’s extremely important that the condition and quality of your bi-fold doors remain the same after the event of glass breakage. We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship and care for your home or business. In relation to timber bi-fold doors we remove all timber dowels holding the glass in place ensuring that they are as close as possible to the condition of when installed brand new. This can be a tricky task especially when large amounts of silicone have been applied to the door frame, glass and timber dowels by the manufacturer. All silicone on the timber dowels is thoroughly cleaned and after removing any protruding nails they're ready to hold your new piece of glass in place. Attention to detail is key for us.


Aluminium bi-fold doors have a slightly different approach. We remove the old silicone and glass, give the frame a good clean and then cut the new piece of glass for your door on the spot. The glass is set within the door frame, blocked with setting rubber all around the edge and appropriate corners, and then expertly sealed with either grey or black silicone.



Commercial Door Glass Replacement

Has your shop, office or factory door glass been damaged? Look no further than Clean Cut Glass for all your commercial door glass repairs. We arrive within hours to assess the damage and replace the glass on the spot if clear glass was previously installed. Otherwise if clear glass is not present in the door we will provide you with a solution and do our best to source the exact type of glass required for your commercial door glass replacement. A temporary reglaze in clear glass or a temporary shutter are the best options to secure the premises after hours while the right type of glass is sourced.


We will also match the silicone colour for you which will be professionally applied and made to look like extruded rubber. Our professional glaziers have the skills and capacity to change the broken glass in any type of timber or aluminium hinged commercial glass door.